Samuel Hackwill

"Le tiret du six", litteraly "six-dash", is a french expression used to disambiguate the dash ("-") from the underscore ("_"). Indeed, on AZERTY keyboards (PC only), this character is situated on the same key as the number 6. What's funny is that the dash already has a name in french (it's called a "trait d'union"), but somehow the metaphor of the keyboard has elbowed its way in the language of everyday.

Inspired by the now fading trend of LAN-PARTIES (when people physicaly gathered in flats or municipal halls to play videogames over a week-end and socialize), this project is about guiding a non-expert group (2 performers for ±50 persons) in both technical & narrative experiments to explore the diverse array of FEELINGS and political issues at stake in the digital society.

Samuel Hackwill - he's the one writing the project
Jacob Lyon - maïeutics & gaffer-tape
Antoine Defoort - external perspective & reality check
Thomas Riou - producer

Partners :
DRAC Hauts-De-France
LA SERRE arts vivants (Montréal)
Le Vivat (Armentières)
La Bellonne (Bruxelles)
Maison Folie Wazemme (Lille)
ESADSE (Saint-Étienne)

Support :
Arté Creative
DDays (Paris)
Théâtre de Poche (Hédé-Bazouges)
La Gaîté Lyrique (Paris)
Pianofabriek (Bruxelles)
Le Centquatre (Paris)

Many Thanks :
Mathilde Maillard, Jacques-Daniel Pillon, Alice Broyelle, David-Olivier Lartigaud, Michel Lepetitdidier, CLIS XXI.